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First Reflection


*Based on Gardner Campbell’s Lecture and Essay

Campbell started his lecture by analyzing a computer’s value of synchronization and its ability to perform and recognize certain data just like our human brains recognize people’s faces. With computers, you can mold and create yourself in relation to others through various way of communication. Campbell quotes Kay, saying, “A computer is an instrument whose music is ideas.” Through these various communication tools, you can develop as well as define relationships with other people. A space is meaningless if it is not defined by who you are and your connection to others. Therefore, computers and social networking tools are built and utilized for sharing and community. Campbell states that by having a personal cyber infrastructure within a community, such a tool could help bring the community together. However, he does bring up a common problem in terms of one’s digital identity: impersonation. All of us have come across fake online profiles and credit card/identity fraud. I agree with Campbell in a sense because we are all connected and without the relationships we build with others, our lives have no meaning.

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“First Reflection”

  1. Avatar January 21st, 2010 at 6:35 pm Debby Jolissaint Says:

    I feelz ya:)..Life is a school house and time is meaningless. Learn now or learn later..guess I must have flunked a few classes in the school huse called LIFE. My kids are way ahead of me