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Augementing Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework


I would first like to mention how ridiculously long this must have taken him to write. Campbell and Engelbart seem to share very similar ideas. The thought of a single machine or entity that could solve complex human problems is a common view amongst the two. I do agree with Engelbart when he says the intellectual effectiveness of a human being can be significantly improved be devising such a system. However, there are certain problem solving techniques that are not simply on or off like a computer bit. Some decisions have circumstances and possible outcomes that must be taken into consideration. I do not necessarily see computers as supplementing human intelligence for a wide range of tasks that clearly must be performed by human intellect. I see it as being complementary. Computer’s can be used as an extension of our own brain and help us greatly to augment our own intellect. For a biology major with no previous experience in computer science, most of this article is hard to comprehend and even harder to try and reflect on. Overall, I agree with a lot of the points Engelbart proposes.

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