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An Example of Digital Storytelling


I think the most obvious and also relatable example of digital story telling is Facebook. I have had my account for over 3 years as of now. This means that there are 3 years of comments, 3 years of posts by friends, 3 years of events that occurred, and to go along with everything there are 3 years of countless photo albums documenting myself and the actions of everyone I am connected to in a simple construct.

I chose this example because I think of myself as a rather social person and I use Facebook regularly for almost every aspect of my life. I come from a huge family: 5 kids to be exact – which range currently from ages 17 all the way to 39. My oldest brother (who lives in California) has a son who is growing up too fast to keep up with. My brother posts photos and stories about my nephew regularly so that the family on the East Coast can view it anytime they choose. It’s wonderful to see my nephew doing fun and interactive things on the East Coast. It makes the distance seem not so bad knowing he’s enjoying his life in California.

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“An Example of Digital Storytelling”

  1. Avatar February 3rd, 2010 at 9:11 pm Katie Jones Says:

    I used an example along these lines as well since I also have a sibling who lives far away, and she posts pictures of her son for my family to watch him grow up. It still kind of sucks that I do basically have to read the story through pictures and not experience interactions with them, but having constant access to the knowledge of what’s going on is still a pretty great thing to have. Nice example!

  2. Avatar February 5th, 2010 at 9:41 pm Debby Jolissaint Says:

    Facebook and pictures on line makes it easier to keep up with the family. One son lives on the West coast, one daughter is in the Army stationed in Georgia, ..keeping up with our loved ones presents a challenge.