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Some Photos on Flickr I Found Interesting


I'll Give You All I Can...“>
(this photo is credited to Brandon Christopher Warren)
I like this photo because it makes me think of how exciting relationships used to be when we were younger. I also like how he leaves the faces out of the photo, making it appeal to a broader audience.
Cala Dogana“>
(this photo is credited to Wagman_30)
I like this photo because it reminds me of beautiful summer days. The water almost looks nonexistent because of how beautifully clear it it. It looks almost too pretty to be real…like it’s a painting.
~ Beautifully Dead ~“>
(this photo is credited to ViaMoi)
I like this photo because it shows that despite the dead trees and the barren landscape, beauty still exists. The reflection of the sky on the water is stunning and the colors are amazing.

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