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True Life: Debby Jolissaint


This post illustrates in a comical yet emotive manner, the rather peculiar story about how two souls collided during a chance encounter with fate. This is the tale about how my wonderful parents met. I am first going to give the version that I remember being told throughout the years. Afterwards, I will give you a firsthand recorded account (as told in the eyes of the cat whisperer herself – aka Debby Jolissaint) of how the 2 fated lovers met. After 5 kids and over 25 years later here we are today, so obviously something went right that day.

This first encounter marked the beginnings of what would become one of the BEST love stories ever recorded (in my opinion of course…which should be valued by everyone in this world). Every fairytale has its twists and turns, bumps in the road, and unexpected joys accompanied by even more unexpected pains. However, at the end of every true love story, a happy ending awaits.

After raising 5 children together, experiencing so much life and unfortunately death as well, and enduring every possible test thrown at them, my parents are still as in love and as dedicated to each other as they ever have been – maybe even more so as time goes on. My parents have some of the most interesting lives so I hope you enjoy this story!

My Account: A Modern Love Story At it’s Finest

From what I remember, my mother has always claimed that she and my father met in church. Whether or not this part of the story is fabricated…well, let’s just say I have my own opinions. Assuming that my mother was telling the truth about where she met my father, Jesus was BY FAR the last thing on her mind. At this time in their lives, both of my parents had already been married, divorced, and each had a child. This explains why my family is so big. The bigger the family, the better: it’s just more to love if you ask me. Reading this, I bet you’re wondering the whereabouts of these children during this unholy church service? That answer has always been open to speculation. My mother always described the first sight of my father as the “hottest piece of Grade-A beef she ever seen’t”. At this time, my father was in Medical School at LSU and raising a child, basically by himself, so he looked very Gucci…and by Gucci I mean busted; tore up from the floor up. He was depicted by the Cat Whisperer as being an “Adonis” in torn clothing. This hole-y outfit always seemed highly appropriate for church. Whatever, I’m over it. After all, his lack of clothing and her lack of interest in anything sacred did result in my birth (possibly the best thing to happen to them). I speculate that after an hour of worshipping the human anatomy in contrast to the savior of all humanity, my father noticed her cat-like undressing stares and approached my mother, striking up a conversation and doing what he does best (as described by his siblings, friends, and any other person in this world who knows my father for more than 5 minutes) …flirting. From that moment on, they dated for a few months, fell in love, joined their already amazing families, had 3 more children, and lived happily ever after.

Debby’s Account:

I met your Dad at church on a Friday night.

He was standing a few pews in front of me. He was so handsome and that I
could not take my eyes off of him. He was dressed in a torn white
T-shirt,(to show off his big chest and biceps) yellow running shorts (to
show off his strong legs) and old smelly running shoes. I wanted to know who
he was, but restrained myself. I told myself I was here to pray, not look at
cute guys. I was taught to always put God first.

In the middle of the church service, we were encouraged to break into small
groups to pray.
My first thought, “I could get to meet him if I went into his group, BUT If
I went into his group, I would NOT pray.

It was hard to turn down that opportunity, but I went to another group and
began to pray for others in my family.

I actually forgot about Greg as I got into church and what was being taught.

However, as I was leaving church, your father just walked up to me and
introduced himself.

I was dazzled..He was looking at me…and talking..and I don’t remember a
word of what he was saying. I was checking him out from head to toe. I
noticed what appeared to be a earring hole in his left ear..Since I had no
clue who or what he was, I thought he may be an ex hippie or biker..However,
his hair was way too short for either of those possibilities. I did not
notice a wedding ring…Very Important.

Next thing I remember, he asked what I was doing the next day. He told me he
would have lunch with me.
Saturday, at lunch time, Greg came busting into the PICU where I worked,
like he owned the place (little did I know that one day he would run huge

We ate lunch at the hospital cafeteria where I worked. The food stuck in my
mouth. I was so anxious and excited to be around him.

We have been together ever since.
My attraction to him has never changed. I am always excited to be around
him, never bored.
Much to my children’s dismay, I will follow him anywhere he wants to go and
do just about anything he wants me to do.

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“True Life: Debby Jolissaint”

  1. Avatar March 19th, 2010 at 1:40 am Debby Jolissaint Says:

    Am quite humbled and amazed at the literary skill with which John writes. Funny and articulate, always entertaining and makes one laugh.Looking forward to the Audacity exercize

  2. Avatar March 22nd, 2010 at 6:44 am Kenneth Cunningham Says:

    This is very funny! I love your mom and I hope this blog lives to how great a person she truly is. <3