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True Life: I'm a Caffeine Addict


by Brianna Gavigan
featuring John Jolissaint, Olivia Cooper, and Jillian Trent
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“True Life: I'm a Caffeine Addict”

  1. Avatar April 20th, 2010 at 5:39 pm Michael Reamy Says:

    Okay, so I feel obliged to say that while I was watching these videos… I had a Redbull in my hand. When I noticed I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I thought these were great!! “So you just can’t go without it?” “No. All the time. All the time.” *takes a swig of some Coke* “All the time.” hahaha
    I also liked “Not everybody’s addiction are as severe as John’s…” then you say something like ‘Somebody like Jill just needs caffeine to get through the day’ and she licks some coffee that spilled off of her wrist lol. Was that staged?

    I know I’m making fun of myself by saying this but if you’re going price… get 4Ever Fit Caffeine pills, you get 100 200mg pills in a bottle for $4. Caffeine itself isn’t a bad thing. If you’re doing cardio combine it with ephedrine, and you end up with this nifty thing called thermogenesis ( ).